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Debbie Strong

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03/23/09 10:56 AM #1    

Donna Day (Bailey)

We got word that Debbie died in the last year or two. She was one of my closest friend at Howell L Watkins Jr. High School. We shared so many funny experiences and those years were priceless. I wish I had the opportunity to tell her how much I enjoyed her friendship.

04/03/09 09:27 PM #2    

Donna Samples (Pintsak)

I knew that Debbie had battled cancer and I felt so sad when I heard that she had passed away.
She was a wild and crazy girl. We used to go to the old PGA where her Dad was the pro and play golf hockey. I often spent the night at her house and we use to go to Music Casters on the weekends.

06/27/10 05:15 PM #3    

Nancy Nelson

Debbie was a great friend...we had a lot of fun together out in PBG...I remember when she was dating my neighbor Gary Higby and then the sad passing of her Daddy...cancer took him too...what a great laugh she had...she could always think of something fun to do...

07/13/11 10:03 AM #4    

Franny Willis (Norley)

Debbie lived near me in Pennsylvania ( we realized that at one of the class reunions). We would get together regularly. She would always come to my house to make Christmas cookies. The first time she came, she started telling 'high school stories ' to my children (then in high school). I was staring her down with dirty looks and she kept rolling. My kids were in shock and of course I denied it all. About ten years later when my kids were married with their own, they brought it up again and I confessed to all of it! She was a great sport with a great attitude about her illness and a fighter till the end. She always wanted to take a Pacific cruise with her Mom and sister, it finally came to pass and that is when she passed. Her husband , Grover, made it to the West coast to be with her when she passed, though I don't believe she was aware of anything at the time. I think of WTFYB and laugh whenever I think of her!

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