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05/23/19 01:00 PM #473    


Ron Doll

Oh my goodness Miss Interact Sweetheart, onehundred twentysix 69er Hornets, friends, & spouses will be attending our 50th bash in just 10 more days! And you feel there may be more.....awesome I'd say!

Friday's SWARM should bring even more maties aboard. What the heck is Singer Island gonna do? Gettin more fired up each day! For those undecided, it ain't too late!

05/23/19 01:19 PM #474    


Ron Doll

In honor of us!

I have changed my flags on my dock on Lake Toho from the usual red, white, & blue and orange & blue to these shown in my photo.

To honor our 50th year from RBHS I selected our Hornet colors, green, white, & gold. Of course, the orange & blue had to stay!

Although we may be parted, we'll never say goodby. You'll always be within our hearts, Oh Riviera High!

05/24/19 10:59 AM #475    

George Carter

I for one Ron want to know who is writing all this s*§t for you?? Is it Robin?

05/26/19 03:50 PM #476    

Donna Samples (Pintsak)

Oh Donnna and All Fellow Classmates,

I am devastated that I am unable to attend our 50th reunion.  I will miss seeing and reconnecting with you all!!

I had planned on coming but as some of you know I am the caregiver for my 94 year old mother.  I have recently filed for conservatorship of her and as of late last week she has been diagnosed with Alzheimers disease.  We are trying to secure an emergency court hearing for the conservatorship.  This has been a very stressful process and we are looking forward to getting things in place as quickly as possible.  On the bright side, for those of you who remember my Mom, she is doing well and is as sweet as she always was.  She does fondly remember many of you.

My husband Jim and I are both well.  We are still in Southern California and still having fun!  We have two wonderful grandchildren who are the light of our lives!

I want to thank Donna Day Bailey and all of you who have kept these class reunions going and who have kept the spirit and friendship of the Class of 1969 alive!!  I wish you all a wonderful reunion and know that I will be there with you in spirit.  Go Hornetsheartsmiley



05/26/19 06:22 PM #477    

Laurie Van Deusen (Van Reeth)

Donna Samples, we will all miss the sparkly you have brought to previous reunions.  We’ll print your message & post at this reunion for all to see!   Best of all as to your mim, a very stressful and difficult time you and Jim; I know this difficulty!  If ever back in the Palm Beaches, let us know... we’ll have a mini-reunion just for you!  Take care, Miss You & Stay in Touch.  Send me, please, via email or text your email, cell and address..., as I would like to send you something.  Love, Laurie Van Deusen 🥰

05/27/19 01:02 PM #478    


Jan Evans


We will all miss seeing you at the senior citizen 50th reunion!  Really hope all works out for your Mom. She is so sweet and was always so motherly to me and Happy, the drop in neighborhood kids!  You are fortunate to still have her with you .  Give her my love and best wishes .  Isn't it fun being a Grandma?👩🏻‍🦳  Your old (really!) friend   Jan Evans


05/27/19 02:09 PM #479    

Fred Salmon

Sorry you can not attend. Hope all goes well.

05/28/19 11:37 AM #480    


Ron Doll

Dear Donna S, I join Laurie, Jan, & Fred as well as the rest of the gang wishing you well & we're sure bummed to hear you can't attend. Thanks for the update & glad you are doing good.

Hey Carter, so your saying I can't be creative? I wonder how long the wait time will be this weekend @ Palm Beach Shores General Emergency Room? Cuz that's where your gonna be when I get thru with you! OBTW Robin, the 2nd ex-fiance, flew the coop in 2006! Please note my new pic which shows me carrying books which apparently you did not get issued!

And just for Mr. Gordon (Don) Arnold Titcomb, there are exactly FIVE days remaining until blastoff! Not 5 months, not 5 weeks, but FIVE DAYS for any classmates that may be forgetful or not on board yet! According the Donna D there's still time to jump on our ship! We'll be SWARMING SINGER Friday eve in four days, so we need to tighten up, get our groove on, & get fired up!

05/28/19 12:46 PM #481    

Donna Samples (Pintsak)

Hey Everyone,

It's wonderful to hear from so many of you and thanks for your thoughts and support!  I will really miss seeing you all!

Jan Evans my dear "old" friend and neighbor, you are one of the people that my Mom remembers.  She also remembers Happy Stevens, Ann Woodword and Donna Day.

Fred Salmon, we were always in homeroom together along with Bill Sacco and many others.  Thanks for your thoughts!

Ron Doll you have always been a force of nature and one we could count on to keep the fun going so keep up the good work.

Laurie Van Deusen we go way back from the Lake Park Elementary crowd through RBHS and I hope that the next time I'm able to get to South Florida we are able to get a group of the "locals" together.  That would be awesome.

All of you and our other classmates have a fabulous reunion (I know you will)!!

Love to all!!     Donna S.

05/28/19 03:22 PM #482    

Donna Day (Bailey)

Oh Donna - I will dearly miss you at this reunion... Hope to see you soon though...Love to your mom- (Who's clothes can be seen on me in the yearbook!)  Our shenanigans were endless and I cherish every one of them..


To all who are coming to reunion -  some last minite facts... 

Friday night is at 5 - 8 - at Palm Beach Shores Resort  181 Ocean Ave.   on Singer Island

Followed by the "Swarm" of Ocean Walk/Circle. Directly across from Public Beach.


Saturday Night - 6- 11  Palm Beach Shores Community Center  247 Edwards Lane  PB Shores

We are hoping to do a class picture at 6:45... So try and be there!  Parking passes will be given out Friday night and some may be available Sat. - go to Check in desk.

Hope everyone has a great time and takes pictures to share on this or facebook site..  


05/29/19 03:20 PM #483    

Scott Studer

Hello RBHS 69ers


Linda and I wanted to send a quick note to congratulate everyone on this 50 year anniversary. We would like to join you, but Linda is working to beat cancer.  She has chemo treatments every three weeks.  She has a great spirit, but the treatments make her very tired.  If anyone has time Saturday, give us a call, 561-624-4820. We would love to hear from friends from a long time ago.  Have a great time.

Best Regards to All

Scott and Linda



05/30/19 10:58 AM #484    

Stephen Donahue

Scott and Linda, you have thoughts and prayers from everyone to help! Steve and Victoria Donahue 



05/30/19 09:37 PM #485    

Beverly Griffin (Asher)

Today is Thursday May 30 th.  Just saw Ron and he said Richard Murphy is here at the hotel.  Richard if you see this call Bev Griffin at 954-907-6472.  I want to share the results of that special test you had graded for me

06/01/19 12:13 PM #486    


Sue Flickinger (Peacock)

I look forward to seeing all of you tonight! Looks like there will be a nice crowd. Checking out my yearbook to help me recognize all of you. See you later! Susan Flickinger Peacock

06/02/19 12:58 PM #487    


Juan Cunningham


A thank you to Donna, Laurie, Ron (the Cheerleader) and all the committee members who made our 50th a great weekend event. It was an event that we will talk about for a long while, friendships were renewed, and a lot of fun was had. Thanks for getting there, until we meet again….

06/02/19 07:24 PM #488    


Patti Jackson (Weeks)

Thank you, everyone, for creating a wonderful memory! Special people from a special time & place!

I love you guys!

06/04/19 03:00 PM #489    

Donna Samples (Pintsak)

I have just seen the pictures from the reunion and it looks like everyone had a fabulous time!  So good to still recognize so many people even if some of the names elude me.wink

To Scott and Linda,  sending prayers and positive thoughts your way.  My mom continues immunotherapy for cancer discovered last year.  She is doing very well and we are grateful for and amazed by the advances in and successes of today's treatments. My best to you both.

Again I'd like to thank everyone who worked so hard to keep the  spirit of thye Class of 69 going.  God bless you all!


06/05/19 10:31 AM #490    

Stephen Donahue


Thanks to you and the entire reunion committee for your hard work. The reunion was so much fun!! It was great to see everyone and because of Don Juan (Don Titcomb and Juan Cunningham) Victoria is making me take dance lessons!! Thanks guys!!

06/05/19 01:22 PM #491    

Kenneth Ackerman

I know we don't plan on another reunion, but how about a reunion cruise in a couple years. Mid March 2021 most of us will be turning 70. End of winter season probably have some good deals. If we can get 25 couples to commit I'll bet even better deals.
Best wishes to Donna Pintsak from Ken and Joyce Ackerman.

06/05/19 02:25 PM #492    


Dan Staples

Speaking for those of us who could not get to the reunion, I think this is a GREAT idea Ken. I’ll keep that timeframe open if enough of us can make it.

06/05/19 09:03 PM #493    

Kenny Benoit

To Donna and the entire reunion committee,

Thank you so much for your untiring efforts to make this very special reunion a great success.

I've known alot of you for at least 50 years through attending Riviera Beach Elementary, Howell Watkins Jr. High and my freshman year at RBHS.   I was "ushered" off to Cardinal Newman after my freshman year, much to my chagrin.   Although I attended another high school, my heart and soul were always with my friends and RBHS.    I feel very honored to have been included as a classmate of yours.

I was also honored to be a part of the entertainment on Saturday night and hope that we contributed to the overall success, as well.

It was great to see as many of you as I could to spend some time to catch up.   

For those of you who have spouses, significant others, yourselves, and/or family members who are facing health issues, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

I sent an email to Danny Stiles a few days ago and he suggested that I share with you all something I wrote in my email:

"What a great bunch of people we have as classmates, and more importantly, wonderful friends.  As we travel this path of life, we start out as kids, make lots of friends, graduate with these friends, then, we

each go our own way to experience this life.  We get married, have children and raise them to the best of

our abilities.   Then, they go off to start their own lives, just like we did years before.   They now have families of their own.  And, they do visit from time to time.

But, what remains are the friendships we've cultivated and nutured along our life path.   And those friends are still with us, and for that, we ALL are so very blessed..

Especially, this special bunch of friends of the RBHS Class of '69!"

06/06/19 03:07 PM #494    

Michael Engel

Thank You Kenny for the great letter. Sorry I missed the reunion, I just moved to Tennessee and we are still unpacking. I will be in town in August and get in touch with you. There were a lot of friends I wanted to connect with and misse out, byt another time.

Thank You,

Michael Engel 


06/06/19 05:58 PM #495    

William Sacco

Thanks Kenny for putting into words what I and many of us felt about the reunion.  The class spirit was  positively special.  We grew up with a great bunch of people. My wife Eileen, who had never met anyone before, came away from the reunion wowed by how friendly, interesting, and fun the class of 69 is.  I too want to thank Donna and the reunion committee for all of their work and planning, and also Kenny and band for making great music. You guys did a great job!   



06/06/19 09:55 PM #496    

Hunter Joslin

Thanks so very much to all the volunteers who worked so hard to make the Class of 69' 50th Reunion such a fun event! It was a great weekend catching up with everyone.

06/09/19 10:52 AM #497    

Donna Day (Bailey)

Having trouble getting photos posted. Sorry. I know the group shot is blurry. Laurie has the original photo- if any genius can figure out how to get it better -have at it.  There is a reunion photo link on left that you can download photos. 

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