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10/23/18 12:53 PM #423    

Jim Metcalf

Hi Jan, Hope all is good. Guess you must have made a good impression, for someone to bring you a plant.

See you there. Was in Atlanta 3 weeks ago, actually Roswell.

11/14/18 08:30 PM #424    

Robbie Smith

Hi Everyone, Didn't realize I hadn't been on here in 9 years. They went by too fast here on the west coast.
There's a good possibility I and my wife will be attending the 50 year reunion. I know I've missed the last 49 and nothing can make up for that but hopefully I can get reaquainted with some old friends.
The picture is from our January visit to the Palm Beaches.

Hope to see y'all there!

01/15/19 11:45 AM #425    

Donna Day (Bailey)

I want to thank the 6 people who have sent in their money for the reunion.. 

We need you to send in your money... You cannot pay at the door.  The committee has already spend funds on the rental of the Community Center and deposit to caterer.. The band, decorations and deserts are being covered.

We really tried to keep costs down. Although there has been several people contributing to this reunion-  We could use some help to offset the expenses.

Send donations to Dave if you can afford it and want to make this 50th reunion extra special.. 

Meanwhile- let us know you are coming and help us to plan by rsvp and $69 per person for Saturday's event.  HERE IS THE INFO

The cost is $69.00pp. for Saturday Night.. Friday is no cost. Please send payment to  Dave Ellrich's accounting firm.. Checks made out to: Riviera Beach H.S. Reunion and send to 

William D. Ellrich, CPA/ABV/CFF, ASA, CFE

Ellrich, Neal, Smith & Stohlman, P.A.

11025 RCA Center Dr., Suite 401

Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410

Office: (561) 624-0355   You can also call with your credit card information..

01/18/19 11:53 AM #426    

Janet Hanrahan (Dukes)

Janet Hanrahan Dukes & Renee Delacourt Garcia will be there!

01/29/19 03:18 PM #427    

Kenneth Ackerman

Just made my reservations and looking forward to having a great time.

02/04/19 03:45 PM #428    

Donna Day (Bailey)

We are having a planning meeting next Wednesday Feb. 13th for our reunion weekend. Anyone interested is invited... It will be at the Palm Beach Shores Resort.. Back of restaurant at 4:00 ... We should have a lot to discuss and its always a fun get together... 

02/04/19 04:49 PM #429    


Gwendolyn Gatlin (Scruggs)

Hello...I'm planning to come on the 13th to the meeting..

02/08/19 01:05 PM #430    

Donna Day (Bailey)

So glad you are joining us... It should be a good meeting... don't really know how many are coming... Hope we have a good turn out.. 

02/09/19 10:45 PM #431    

Margo Mitchell (Weiss)

Richard and I should be able to attend.

02/13/19 08:17 PM #432    

George (Steve) Brewer (Brewer)

Merlyn and I plan on attending, looking forward to re-connecting with some old familiar faces.

03/12/19 02:42 PM #433    

Linda Nix (Fields)

Linda Nix Fields   Sorry I will miss all the fun ! However, we spend January and February on Hutchinson Island, ,south, at Jensen Beach. Just got home last week. This is our third winter away from Illinois  and ,of course, I love it there.I love to drive around and reminisce. Always have lunch at Sailfish Center. Spend alot of time with Ginny Kidd Franklin. I did get to lunch with Cheryl Oliver Demarois and got a quick visit with Bonni and Don Titcomb at our nursing picnic. Always fun to see dear, hated to say old, friends. I see Susie Goodrich Funston every few yrs too and visit by phone.  Hope to see lots of pictures.   Yall have a grand time !

03/14/19 11:24 AM #434    

Ann Woodward (Statler)

I am ashamed to say I am just mailing my check out today.  I look forward to seeing everyone at the Reunion.

03/24/19 10:57 AM #435    

Donna Day (Bailey)

This is the list (as of last week) of the paid classmates for our reunion.. We really need to get a head count... so if you have not sent in your money to Dave..(see info on home page) do it soon.. Call friends from our class and urge them to come... please.. it should be a great time !!!!!

We are having a committee meeting Thursday April 4th at Palm Beach Shores Resort for all who want to help out... 


Bishop, Richard & Betsy

Brooks, Phillip & Lynda 
Caudill, Jr., Clifton C. 
Cherry, Pamela 
Cox, Jack & Mary

Cunningham, Juan & Sharon 
Cunningham, Latricia 
Davis, Bobbi (Roberta Rickard)
Doll, Ron

Donahue, Stephen & Victoria 
Dukes, Janet 
Day, Donna & Don Bailey
Ellrich, William & Becky Moore

Evans, Janice (Jan) 
Hyman, Mike & Sherri
Lott, John & Cyndi

McCormack, Jan (Evans)
Miller, Gerry (Zewski) & Rick
Murphy, Mary J. & Richard M. 
Naparano,Jack & Peggy (Castiglione) 
Plimpton, Greg 
Preti, Edmond & Linda 
Rhine, Jack & Penny 
Root, Mary J. 
Titcomb, Gordon A. & Bonni G 
Travis, P. and friend
Van Deusen, Laurie & Bob Van Reeth 
Weiss, Richard & Margo (Mitchell)
Willits, Suzi & Pat Swolenski 
Winkle, Vickie L & William E.
Wright, Rita (Jenkins) & John Meehan

Woodard, Mark & Jenny (Erikson)

03/25/19 07:54 PM #436    


Ron Doll

Getting my game face on for our 50th year out of RBHS!

Donna & crew have done a super job arranging this fantastic event, so get your butts to Singer Island May 31st & June 1st. You may think you can't party anymore, but you can! If you forgot how, Meehan will refresh your memory! Rimi will be giving dance lessons both nights!

Rumor has it Donna will make an appearance in her palm tree bikini & I still have one of the Interact mugs! I can't wait for that!

If you not into partying all that much we sure will have fun swapping lies about us 69ers! That is if you can remember that far back!

I had the  great experience to have a beer with Rhine & Ellrich the other day. We were getting fired up for this reunion as well we should! It won't come around again so if you haven't signed up & sent Ellrich your $69, do it now! Don't wait for manyanna, do it now cause Donna needs a head count ASAP! Not only does she need to know how many of us Hornets will be chowing down, she needs to know how many of her bikini pics she needs to order..... everyone who attends gets an autograped one! Way cool eh!

Anyway, like I said, Jack, Dave, & I were at the XYZ Bar on the outskirts of Sebring getting fired up. Ellrich was whining about me wanting The Good Bad & Ugly theme song played during our 50th meet & greet. Just then Rhine says "See those 3 old farts outside at that table, that's us in ten years". Ellrich says "Yeah, we better start takin better care of ourselves". I piped up & said "You goofballs, that's a mirror not a window!".

So don't wait another day, get your love letters to Ellrich with those 69 pesos now!


03/29/19 10:29 AM #437    

Donna Day (Bailey)

Ron - Your enthusiasm is really appreciated. But if you want classmates to come- stop mentioning that bikini clad gal from long ago.My spirit is the same but frolicing half dressed is something that I can barely remember.. ha ha 

Whoever does come to this reunion will have a great time no doubt.. Our 45th was in a space too small and no one milled around much.. we have changed the set up to a much more casual event.. People can sit or mingle upstairs or down ( there is an elevator) Not a sit down and stay in your chair all night - unless you want to..type party..Please send in your checks and let us know soon..   

I would like to discuss with the committee about a special recognition to the classmates who have made a difference by communtiy service in the past 50 years.. I think we all know who has financially succeeded- but I think it would be nice to hear about the folks who dedicated themselves to serve others.. I know of a few... If you have knowledge to share please at least post it on our message forum so we all can know how special our Class of "69 is!!!!

03/30/19 01:55 PM #438    


Ron Doll

Donna......ha,ha,ha,ha......bikini clad gal.......barely remeber! I laughed myself to sleep last night! Did you or Don come up with that?

OK then, Queen of Palms, I will post other things from long ago & give that bikini gal a break. I don't want to get stripped of my privileges.

Great idea for community service honors, Donna! Billy Wilson may have a shot, as I heard through the grapevine he has been "Bermuda's Ambassador of Love" for the past 30 years. Seriously though, it is truly a super idea & I'm sure you'll get lots of posts.

Now for all my Hornet Mateys who have been waiting it out, NOW is the time to get on the fun list. Our 50th will be a blast! Think about it......really think about it! FIFTY YEARS! That's an accomplishment we can all rejoice  in! There's a bunch of us that aren't with us anymore. There's a bunch of us that have fantastic careers & families! So get up & get that check book or magic card & let Ellrich know your a coming and still love him. Donna & lots of others that have spent several years planning this baby NEED to know how many are gonna be in this Swarm of a lifetime! In addition, I'm asking you to contact your other Green Hornet friends to also spend  48 hours of pure fun, fellowship, & fun on the best beach in the world!

Just some notes: You don't have to spend both days & you don't need to stay at the Resort. You can attend just  "The Swarm" Fri. eve (free) or just "Thee Reunion" Sat. eve ($69/head). Also, at the Resort you can book days prior to Fri. & book days after Sat. at the discounted rate for extra R&R! Alot of us will be hanging at the beach & pool during the day that weekend, and many will be prepping the Civic Center for Saturday's grand event, so your most welcome to join in or lend a hand! There won't be any pay at the door Saturday, so no payey in advance, no eaty, and no party!

Note that Donna has asked PLEASE send your checks, so do it now! There's a rumor going around that she just may put on that bikini if the committee's attendance goal is reached!

03/31/19 09:08 AM #439    

Phil Brooks

Donna Day in a BIKINI.... Thats the main reason I'm coming to the Swarm!!!! (I remember when that pic was taken) and of course. I hope to see Hood, Willis, Doll, Rhine, Rim, Russ, Tim D.,Larry Bach, Dave E. Nancy Brown, Bev Griffin, Donna Samples, Linda Frahn, Carol Goff, Penny Misener, Franny, Patty Jackson, just to name a few...

Phil B.

04/02/19 09:24 AM #440    


Ron Doll

Right on Big Dog Phil! That's the attitude we're looking for!

There are exactly 60 days until we Swarm in on Singer Island, so we damn well should be getting fired up!  60 days until us 69ers celebrate our 50th. I know that's alot of numbers for Robinson, Bach, DeLosh, & Ruskay to absorb, so hopefully Ellrich or Laurie will see this post & explain it all to them.

Bikini or no bikini, Phil, the big event is just around the corner, so our mates should not wait another day to sign up. Total attendance is needed, PLEASE! Come join the fun. I get the feeling I'm back at one of our RBHS pep rallies the afternoon before a home battle against Belle Glade when Coach suddenly handed me the mic & asked me to say something..... all I could say was "Let's Get Fired Up".... about ten times!

There's been talk of this 50th may be our last organized big reunion. Last, yes, the last big gig! There's always a huge amount of work & planning that is required, so it well may be our last one of this caliber. To my undecided mates, keep this in mind! I hope we do get together in the future, however, I doubt it will be this cool!

Glad your getting fired up Phil, SIXTY DAYS and counting!


04/02/19 05:54 PM #441    

Pamela Cherry

Way to GO you two!  What a GREAT Pep Rally you give! 

Just remind everyone to get their MOOLA BOOLA $$$ into Dave Ellrich.  

 ( Nobody wants his consternation directed to them! ) 

 Looking forward to seeing everyone!  

Pam Cherrysmileykiss

04/03/19 01:19 PM #442    


Ron Doll

That's right Pam! We need those that are undecided or are pussyfootin,as Coach McCoy would say,to get their mojo on & their moola in!
Happy to hear your fired up Pammy!

04/03/19 01:20 PM #443    


Ron Doll

P.S. 59 days & counting!

04/04/19 10:38 PM #444    

Steve McLaughlin

Okay, you all have spurred me to finally get off my butt and send in my check today. I did make reservations a few months ago, but now the process is complete. Looking forward to catching up...

04/05/19 04:00 PM #445    


Ron Doll

That's the spirit, Stevie Wonder! You are truly wonderful! Now that your off your butt, get fired up! Maybe try to sound a tad more excited cause, as you know, lots of mates are dragging their feet! Hell, when they see you all fired, up who knows how many will follow suit! You lit a fire, now rage on!

To our other maties, get your 69 bucks into Dave....that's only 276 quarters! Please believe me, Donna & committee need to know NOW how many are attending Sat's reunion to make this work! Friday's Swarm won't need a head count. Oh yeah, I was told Lott , Bubba, & Rhine don't know what a head count is. Heard they thought it had something to do with cabbage.

So be like Big Steve and make it happen.... this weekend! That's my challenge to you for the next 48 hours.

Thanks Steve, can't wait to catch up! 57 days and counting.

04/06/19 04:30 PM #446    


Ron Doll

56 days and counting.
I'm waiting for more checks to come in!

04/08/19 05:32 PM #447    


Patti Jackson (Weeks)

Check is in the mail, & here we come! See you at the end of May! Yippee!

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