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09/19/09 09:33 AM #383    

Danny Stiles

I do remember those waterfalls! I also remember on several occasions when somebody put soap in them.. Bubbles came out all the way to the road!!
I'm sorry I missed the light show at the Bazzar! How could I have missed that? Sounds like it would have been right up my alley.. Far out! But I do remember the jingle.. Ba-zaaaar Inter-national---- You'll meet your friends n' neighbors theeeerrrre!

09/19/09 01:42 PM #384    


Mary Jane Root

Now you all have me going (Shari's email got me online). We lived in the Trailer Park behind Ying Lews when it was on the Riviera Beach/WPB to the Bazaar. We lived there while I was in 6th and 7th grade before moving to Avenue I. Having access to the Bazaar on a daily basis was pretty cool.

Chip... I also worked at the Royal Castle on Northlake when I was 16. I worked with Paul Hoar. I also worked at the one on 45th Street in WPB. But my first job (at age 14) was at the five and dime store on US 1 in Riviera Beach. I worked at J M Fields during my senior year.

Shari... I also was with the group that swam to peanut island from the rec. Lynn's mother called my mother and got me in trouble... I'm pretty sure I blamed Lynn at the time.

Oh, and let's not forget the Haunted Mansion on Palm Beach.

09/19/09 04:54 PM #385    

Shari Bach (Glass)

Yes Mary Jane- you were with us that day to Peanut Island. Now you know it was her little sister Kathy who ratted us out. LOL You must admit- we had great summers there. OOOH- the Haunted Mansion on Palm Beach; another place I had forgotten! It is really great to go down "memory lane" while we still have the memories! Sure wish I had seen the lazer lights at the Bazaar- definitely would have been a show! Danny, I never went on the Bazaar tower- terrified of heights but sure sounds like you enjoyed it. And Danny- the bubbles in the horse fountains at U.S. #1 near Park Avenue were just as hysterical...

09/19/09 05:18 PM #386    

Michael Engel

shari, the laser light show you can still see just close your eyes

09/19/09 08:51 PM #387    

Donna Samples (Pintsak)

Good Lord, you guys are bringing backs lots of memories! I remember the many times someone dumped soap in the horse fountains and once when someone painted the horses genitals red. I had forgotten all about the laser light show at the bazaar. It was so cool.

What was the haunted mansion on Palm Beach? I don't remember that one.

09/19/09 09:24 PM #388    

Danny Stiles

Yeah Shari, what was that?I sort of recall something, but I forgot the details.. I do remember in Palm Beach there was a thing we did at the end of this particular dead end road. I think we called it the lagoon.. Every 15 minutes or so, a gasping sound came from the water just at the edge of the road. I think it was a pump of some kind.. You would tell your date about a woman cutting off her husbands head and throwing it in the water.. Just before the head went under, he took one last breath.. So you'd quietly sit there at the end of the road with the windows down. When that thing suddenly made the gasping noise, your date was in your lap! Taaah daaaah!!

09/19/09 10:08 PM #389    

Pete Travis

Well its good to see that everyone's neurons are still functioning. Here's a few more to "recall"

CH5 weatherman Tony Glenn's "patent leather' hair. (Shot a commercial where Tony dove into a pool and swam towards the camera - after the shoot was finished, the pool looked like the Exxon Valdez had just hit the rocks.

Lynn Merril doing the weather on CH12.

Only two TV stations: WPTV CH5, WEAT CH12, and if dad spent the big bucks on a good antenna, you could get the Miami stations.

Creature Feature -

WSHE - first FM rock station in the area.

Jeans Etc. (Did their commercials as well)

Mrs. McCullough - Principal at Riviera Elementary - and her paddle..... Bitch had a swing like Babe Ruth and made the nuns at St. Francis look like amateurs.

TV Game Show "Treasure Isle" - Set was behind the Colonnades.

The Palm Beach Havana steamship line - carried railroad cars from the port to Havana before Castro, and before Frank Tabernilla showed up in class.......

When there was no I-95, and Military Trail was a two lane road.

And lastly, when the water in Lake Worth was blue and there were two Peanut Islands. Big & Little Peanut.

We used to swim to Peanut from the Sailfish Center docks - that was until we wore masks and saw the BIG F'ng fish that swam in the channel. Not to mention timing the tides so you didn't get sucked out the inlet.....

09/20/09 10:01 AM #390    

Michael Engel

Ok, how about bev smith's whiz kids and the fishing trips,I thought WMUM (mother) was the first in lake worth. There were only two roads US1 and military trail and militery dead ended at pga. Northlake blvd. was dirt past frolic's dairy.

How about the air field and the big lake at northlake & beeline (pete didn't you fly in n out of there?)

Anyone remember being able to drive along the ocean in jupiter island before hurricane washed out the road. And the bridge that turned to open?

To be continued...........

OK where is everyone? Jack Rhine,Ron Doll,...... sign in and tell stories or memories... or CAN'T you remember

09/20/09 10:22 AM #391    

Shari Bach (Glass)

Greeting to you Pete- great time traveling! I do remember Treasure Island, and also Little Peanut, Tony Glenn- and many of the others you gave us a flashback to!
I-95 stopped at PGA Blvd and we could drive from there to Okeechobee Blvd in 8 minutes- try that now...

Remember the Hetzel Brothers Christmas and Easter pageants they staged at the Gardens waterfalls? (they started down in Currie Park)

So, how is present day life in Sunny Palm Beach County?

I agree with Mike- where is Jack, Ron ...?

09/20/09 11:24 AM #392    

Pete Travis

Hetzel Brothers - They originally were in Currie Park, under the banyan tree that MacArthur cut up and moved to the entrance on NorthLake.

Mike, the airport used to be run by a man named Skees, who had the restaurant on Northlake just east of Prosperity.

Here's one - anyone remember when pump house was being built? Or the Jet grocery on Broadway in Riviera.

How about the fruit fights on 703 between Lost tree and AF beach.

09/20/09 11:31 AM #393    

Pete Travis


You are right, it was WMUM - Mother Radio. Kerry Bogart who I did the Jeans Etc. commercials with, ran the station - the owners called him up one day and told him to shut down the station because it was making money. They never expected a rock FM format to succeed and they needed the tax right-off.

Sherri: today's weather, hot & humid. Tomorrow, hot & humid. Five day outlook: hot & humid. If we don't get a cold front sometime soon, I just might get a yeast infection.........

09/20/09 12:07 PM #394    

Danny Stiles

Man, we're shaking the memories huh? You guys have made me think of things I thought fell out of my brain years ago.. How bout drag racing on Donald Ross Rd. Thats all it was good for at the time.. But perfect! Also, I could drive my 350 scrambler on the beach from Air Force Beach all the way to Lost Tree Village, and not see another soul!!! Speaking of AFB, didnt it go naked for a while?
I remember Pres. Kennedy's boat Caroline parked by the Coast Guard Station on Peanut Island.. Boats: Paddlewheel Queen, Popeye, and Blue Harron.. Are they still around?

09/20/09 01:11 PM #395    

Michael Engel

Danny, Kennedy's boat was called the Honey Fitz.
Yes drag racing in NPB heights,donald ross,Northlake,and sometimes on 703.

Pete, I remember the jet grocery,riviera theater. How about Lou's hoagies on US1
Also didn't a guy we went to school with work at WMUM by the name Mike Weber?

Ok here are some do you remembers: mercers,fountains and Newberrys Pharmacy on Park Ave.,the little store on prosperity farms rd with the dirt floor,geri-gene bakery in riviera,seigfreids bakery inlake park,pool hall on northlake,racing from the light to just over RR tracks where it went into two lanes on northlake.

09/20/09 01:15 PM #396    

Shari Bach (Glass)

Pete- some things havent change,eh? Tennessee is cool, rainy and has been for days! We are looking forward to wintering in Fla. although we dont come down until Thanksgiving time.

Its wonderful have this forum to keep in touch with classmates. Whether we are reminicing or just to keep connected to the greatest class ever known-especially at RBHS.

Hope to hear from more classmates....

09/20/09 01:37 PM #397    

Donna Samples (Pintsak)

Mike, thanks for mentioning Lou's, I remember writing a poem to Donna Day about our adventures at Lum's, Litchfield's and Lou's. ( I knew there were three places that began with L.) Do you guys remember when going to County Line Pizza was like going to the ends of the earth?

09/20/09 01:47 PM #398    

Gail Carroll (Coe)

I was trying to think of the name of the hoagie place while in FL...couldn't remember the name. Thanks!

09/20/09 01:55 PM #399    

Michael Engel

how about riviera groves and that good orange juice!
Anyone remember channel 5 in north palm beach where osbourne park is?

09/20/09 02:09 PM #400    

Pete Travis

Mike - You're thinking of the Village Store - my brother worked there for a while, used to bootleg cases of beer
out the back door - never got caught.

How about the Surf Lounge at the end of Donald Ross Rd on the ocean? You could slip someone a few bucks, and they'd throw beers out to us on the beach.

Or Lacks (sp?) Liquors - I remember Judy and her brother Allen (?)

Drag & road racing - not to mention target shooting in NPB Heights.

Since Mr. Stiles has offered up a few memories - can't forget the time in drafting class (during the teacher strike) when we took at large bobby pin, scraped off the varnish and stuck the end in an eraser and started jamming it into the wall sockets.
Usually resulting in a large "pop" with an occasional orange/yellow flame shooting out of the socket. If I recall correctly, he managed to fry nearly all the fuses in the electriacl pannel.

Caroline was JFK's boat, Honey Fitz was Dad's.

09/20/09 02:17 PM #401    

Pete Travis

For Patti Jackson, Tommy Ryan, Gary Johnson and everyone else who served in the "Canoe Club"

A Navy captain was about to start the morning briefing to his staff.

While waiting for the coffee machine to finish its brewing, the captain decided to pose a question to all assembled. He explained that his wife had been a bit frisky the night before and he failed to get his usual amount of sound sleep. He posed the question of just how much of sex is "work" and how much is "pleasure?"

A Commander chimed in with 75-25% in favor of work.

A Lieutenant said it was 50-50%.

An ensign responded with 25-75% in favor of pleasure, depending on his state of inebriation at the time.

There being no consensus, the captain turned to the seaman who was in charge of making the coffee. What was HIS opinion?

Without any hesitation, the young seaman responded, "Sir, it has to be 100% pleasure."

The captain was surprised and, as you might guess, asked why?

"Well, sir, if there was any work involved, the officers would have me doing it for them."


09/20/09 02:39 PM #402    

Michael Engel

Anyone remember the train wreck at lighthouse Dr and A1A?

09/20/09 09:09 PM #403    

Danny Stiles

Oh Pete! You remember that ol eraser and bobby pin trick!! It seems we were having a some kind of test involving an overhead projector.. When Franks? left the room, he returned to find all the lights were out! It gave us another night to prepare for the drafting test!
Mike Weber was indeed a disk jokey at WMUM.. I sold him my VW.
Now speaking of good eateries, let us not forget the good ol Dairy Belle next to my dad's barber shop! And when the first McDonalds opened, I remember Valerie Detman had to put on a hamburger suit to drag folks off the street.. It had to be hot!!
Mike, I do remember that train wreck! But not till you mentioned it!

09/20/09 09:38 PM #404    

Pete Travis

Danny - I sure Valerie is gonna be just thrilled you have such a good memory.

Mike - I remember the train wreck.

Here's another - remember when the Hell's Angels came through town? Wish I had my camera when they pulled up along side Fred Hennissey riding his Vespa at the light on Blue Heron & Broadway.

And speaking of bikers, how about the Outlaws and Miss Kitty's bar in Juno. Holmsey had his shop behind the bar.

Or the May Day riot (at least that's what Sheriff Wild Bill Heidtmann called it) at the causway? Had my first taste of tear gas watching the goings on from Singer Island.

09/20/09 10:55 PM #405    

Michael Engel

It wasn't the outlaws it was the storm troopers,remember they kidnapped a judges daughter or some high up person and nailed her to atree in duboius by the inlet.

09/21/09 03:38 PM #406    

Pete Travis


I know its your BD today, but maybe "Oldtimers Diaease" may be catching up with you - I'm sure it was the Outlaws, now I'm going to have to surf the archives to confirm whether its you or me that's starting to loose it.....

By the way, Happy Birthday!

09/21/09 03:48 PM #407    

Michael Engel

Pete ,I used to work with one of them, the others are in jail. They became part of the outlaws after they were disbanned from sheriff heitman and what happened. They used to have the swastika on the back of there jackets.

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